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Creating an eye-catching & tasty side dish has never been easier with our delicious new mix. A fresh & vibrant collection of our purple Rambo Radish & pink China Rose Radish for their hint of spice & satisfying crunch. Our succulent White Mustard microgreens turn up the heat a little, providing a delicious peppery taste that greatly complements our incredibly juicy, rich & leafy Beet Red & Beet Yellow.

This delectable combination tastes amazing alongside all of your favourite food dishes. Why not serve it up with eggs, sandwiches, wraps, fajetas & fish, meat, vegan & vegetarian dishes & quiches, pizzas, pies, pastas & omelettes....the list goes on and on! You can even add it to your smoothies. It also greatly complements recipes containing garlic & adds a tasty twist to gratins & soups. Read all about their superfood health benefits on our Baby & Microgreens page.

Super Beet Side

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