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Wholesome Goodness

Baby & microgreens may be small, but these wholesome greens are rich in colour & flavour & pack a powerful nutritional punch, full of vitamins, antioxidants & minerals. The Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, found that microgreens contain between 4 to 40 times more nutrients than those found in their mature veg. They are packed full of vitamins A, B (complex), C, D, E & K & minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium & zinc. Why is this? Simply because these tiny veg are harvested when they are in their earliest growth phase, when at their best and simply bursting full of goodness. 

Health Benefits

These 'superfood powerhouses' do not only add high quality nourishment to food but they also have excellent health promoting benefits. Recent research by Choe, Yu & Wang (2018) & Teng, Liao & Wang (2021), considered that as functional foods, due to microgreens being considered good sources of bioactive & nutritional compounds, they show potential in the prevention of malnutrition & chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions, type 2 diabetes & obesity. They also support our immune systems & provide an excellent source of energy. Try adding just one or two daily servings of microgreens into your diet, alongside other fruits & vegetables & a healthy lifestyle, to promote good health & wellbeing.

Growth Process & Packaging

Our aromatic greens are grown using completely organic materials & are free from nasty pesticides, chemicals & fertilisers. They are delicately harvested daily, at the peak of their nutritional goodness & are packaged & delivered in eco-friendly packaging. All of our tubs & labels can be recycled through your existing recycling methods.

The Foodie Bit

Baby & microgreens have a variety of colours & textures that can add subtle tastes & visual appeal to dishes. They are extremely versatile & can be enjoyed eaten raw, juiced & blended to give smoothies a light & refreshing flavour. There are endless ways to incorporate these gorgeous greens into cold & warm dishes, including salads, fish & pasta. They add a healthy touch to sandwiches, giving them a more elegant appearance. They make an excellent addition to sushi & add delectable garnishes to pizzas, soups, omelettes & curries. By combining with a light vinaigrette, microgreens can also be used to create a miniature salad that provides a pop of colour & flavour to meat such as steak.

How To Place An Order

We offer a delivery only service, to our customers, located within the Causeway Coast & Glens, residing within the BT51 - BT57 postcode areas. We have provided a list of our tiny powerhouses below. To place an order simply go to our online store. We deliver 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday.  Subscribe to our website, to take advantage of some great offers, fantastic recipes & relevant information in relation to their amazing health benefits. 




Hospitality Services

Please visit our Hospitality Services page.

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Our list of some of our baby & microgreens. Please get in touch if you are looking for a different variety & we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Pea Shoots - These tiny greens, with their vibrant green & nutty texture, are perfect for creating light & refreshing smoothies & for adding colour & crunch to dishes. They are delicious served as a microgreen pesto with pasta & pizza or as a garnish on vegetarian dishes & risotto. Their nutritional benefits include containing up to x4 more vitamin A than tomatoes, x7 more vitamin C than blueberries & an abundance of minerals & antioxidants.

China Rose Radish - With their delicate pale pink stems, these attractive health boosting beauties provide a slight spice & mild sweetness, alongside a crisp & succulent texture. They make a beautiful addition to soups & salads & can also be enjoyed sprinkled over open sandwiches. They are packed full of vitamins A, B, C & vitamin E & a multitude of minerals including calcium & iron.

Rambo Radish - These rich spicy greens, with their deep vibrant purple colour, look beautiful as a garnish. Although best eaten raw, they can be tossed into a cooked dish, to add a spicy kick right before serving. Nutritionally, they are a turbo injected China Rose, with all the same nutrients but at higher levels. They are packed with vitamins A, C, E & K & minerals including potassium & amino acids.

Broccoli - With their deliciously mild hint of pepperiness & slight crunch, these super greens are especially popular for juicing, making them a fantastic way to start the day. They are also delectable served with fish & in chicken & rice bowls. Containing more fibre & greater nutrients than regular broccoli, they boast vitamins B(complex), C, K & E & minerals including potassium, magnesium & iron.

Red Beet - These little gems have a wonderful earthy taste, an incredible rich burgundy colour & offer a crunchy yet juicy texture. They are similar to beetroot but slightly milder. Their eye catching colour makes them a perfect garnish on egg dishes & they greatly complement salads, jacket potatoes & roasted veg. They are bursting with vitamins including A, C, E & K & minerals such as iron, potassium & zinc.

White Mustard - Robust & peppery with a tender & succulent texture, with their familiar hot mustard taste, these gorgeous greens add a welcome kick to any dish. They pair well with rich meats such as pork & lamb, rice, creamy sauces and aged cheeses. They contain an impressively high protein content & a host of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. 

Kale - This beautiful variety of Black Tuscany Kale seed, produces wonderfully dark green tiny veg that boast a strong nutty flavour. They add a nice twist to salads, gratin & soups & taste fantastic in smoothies. They greatly complement dishes containing garlic & olive oil. They boast high antioxidant levels & contain heaps of vitamins A, B6, C& K. They are also rich in calcium, copper & isothiocyanates.

Rocket - With their sweet nutty zest & wonderful peppery taste, these extremely versatile greens enhance the flavours of many foods. By adding a small amount of extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black pepper & grated parmesan cheese, they can make the perfect leaf mix salad & greatly enhance pasta dishes. These great greens are bursting full of vitamins & minerals including A, C, E & potassium & up to 25% protein.

Kohlrabi Purple/Pink Kale - Sweet, mild & juicy, with dazzling purple stems & contrasting dark green leaves. Their beautiful colour combinations make them great garnishes or additions to sandwiches, salads & coleslaws. They also look & taste fantastic in egg dishes. They are packed full of amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, E & K & minerals including potassium, magnesium & calcium. They also contain around 30-35% protein.

Red Amaranth - With their crisp, sweet, mild & earthy flavour & stunning red & magenta tones, these little beauties complement both sweet & savoury dishes. Thin, feathery & beautiful, with a delicate grassy finish, they taste delicious served with salmon, pasta, green salads, oriental dishes & tempting desserts. They are bursting full of vitamins including C, E & K & minerals including calcium, copper, iron & zinc.

Red Cabbage - Crisp & tender with a fresh, earthy peppery flavour, these dynamic power packed greens make a delicious finishing element to dishes such as soups & stews. They pair well with a variety of foods including garlic, shallots, pan seared cod, vegetarian tacos and meat. They are packed full of minerals & amino acids & high concentrations of vitamins A, C, K & E.

Sunflower - These tiny robust greens walk the line between lemony & nutty. They make a perfect salad base & by adding some blueberries for sweetness, with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, you can create a nutrient packed salad that is loaded with flavour. They offer a perfect source of complete protein, are rich in vitamins A, B & D & minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium & zinc.


Locally Grown Baby & Microgreens

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