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Our new Super Seasonal Mix is just perfect for all of your favourite comforting food dishes. Our gorgeous red cabbage microgreens have dark green leaves & reddish-purple stems. They taste crisp, fresh & sweet, with a delicious hint of spiciness at the end. Our delicate, crunchy & vibrant spring onion microgreens pack a gorgeous oniony flavour that is similar to scallions. Our Special Broccoli microgreens provide the flavour & health boosting benefits of two delicious varieties of broccoli (raab & calabrese). This delicious combination tastes amazing with stews, soups, casseroles, stir-fries & rice dishes. They also add a tasty twist to gratins, salads, baguettes & plant based dishes & pair incredibly well with fish, chicken, beef & lamb, mushrooms, garlic & creamy sauces. Read all about their health benefits on our Baby & Microgreens page.

Super Seasonal Mix

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