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Swap your green leafy salad for our new Super Greens mix! This extremely versatile & delicious green mix, enhances the flavour of many food dishes, while boosting your health!

Our beautiful variety of organic Black Tuscan Kale microgreens, boast a strong nutty flavour & succulent texture, while our special broccoli provide a mild & juicy texture, with a satisfying crunch. Our delectable rocket microgreens provide a warm, sweet, nutty & wonderfully peppery flavour. This gorgeous green combination tastes fantastic mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil (or alternative of your choice), freshly ground pepper & grated parmesan.  It also greatly compliments dishes containing garlic & olive oil. It makes the perfect superfood leaf salad & pairs well with rich meats such as steak, pork & lamb, rice, creamy sauces & a wide variety of cheese. It also greatly enhances & adds a tasty twist to sandwiches, salads, pastas & soups & makes a wonderful alternative to wasabi when served with sushi.




Super Greens

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